Infinitives, Gerund and Participles

Infinitives, Gerund and Participles 

Infinitives, Gerund and Participles Objective

* Choose infinitives, gerund or participles used in the sentences:

1. To the great delight of children schools were closed.

(A) great
(B) delight
(C) were
(D) closed

Ans. (D)

2. She was a learned woman.

(A) was
(B) a
(C) learned
(D) none

Ans. (C)

3. He decided to go there.

(A) to go
(B) to
(C) there
(D) Decided


4. Laughing is a good tonic.

(A) good
(B) tonic
(C) a
(D) laughing

Ans. (D)

5. I finished writing letters.

(A) finished
(B) writing
(C) letters
(D) none

Ans. (B)

6. It is always better to keep silent.

(A) always
(B) better
(C) to keep
(D) silent

Ans. (C)

7. A broken chair is of no use.

(A) broken
(B) of no use
(C) chair
(D) none of these

Ans. (A)