What Is Road Density Class 10

what is road density class 10 

Road Density:- Road density is the ratio of the length of the country’s total road network to the country’s land area. The road network includes all roads in the country: motorways, highways, main or national roads, secondary or regional roads, and other urban and rural roads.

Road Density:- The length of road per 100 sq. km of area is known as density of roads. Distribution of road is not uniform in the country. Density of all roads varies from only 12 km in Jammu & Kashmir to 518 km in Kerala with the national average of 142 km (2016-17).

Roadways Vs Railways

Roads are better than rails because of many reasons. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cost of construction of roads is much lower than that of railway lines.
  • Roads can be built even on uneven topography. Laying railway lines becomes almost impossible at some places.
  • Road transport is flexible enough to carry smaller number of people and smaller loads, which is not possible with the railways.
  • Door to door service can only be provided through road network.
  • Road transport plays the role of feeder to other modes of transport. We should not forget that we need a truck to carry goods and people up to railway stations, airports and ports.




what is road density class 10